The method of maintaining the brake system of the parking lot
Column:Industry News Time:2018-07-16

It occupies a very important position in the parking brake system. It is said that the normal operation of the parking lot is entirely dependent on the normal brake. Once the brake system is unable to run after the brake system is paralyzed, how to ensure the normal operation of the parking system requires management to pay attention to the parking lot. Generally, if the door does not work properly, stop the car. The system will have the following problems: the card will not be raised. After the car is running, the road brake will not drop. The rod drop process is not normal, can not be in place. Can not pry out of the gate pole.

The main reason for the failure is that the vehicle detector did not detect the signal, so the car did not fall down. The door did not rise, it could be the fault of the detector. The door is not in, it may be the limit of the door, or the balance spring is abnormal.

The gate system needs to be cleaned regularly to ensure the surface smoothness of the brake shaft. For the brake rod of the gate system, the key rotating parts are replaced every three months to ensure that the lock is normal. After running 30000 times, check the balance spring and adjust the balance in time. Check the wear condition and replace the worn parts in time every 6 months.

If the brake system is found to have a small fault during the operation, check the brake rod of the brake system every month for signs of loosening and whether there is any loss, such as damage or damage, it should be dealt with immediately. It depends on the normal control of the channel brake system, the battery life of the gate system is generally one year, and the battery should be more Change instead of being damped and impacting. The remote control distance is too short. Please check whether the installation position of the main engine is covered with metal or the battery is charged.

Any project that is properly used and maintained can prolong the service life of the brake system in time, the emergence of the braking system, the emergence of the parking brake system, and the reduction of the braking system, but for the sake of safety, regular maintenance is required.