China's mechanical and electrical trade fair is in Hangzhou.
Column:Industry News Time:2018-07-16

In from November 2nd to 4th, the "2017 China mechanical and Electrical Fair" was held at the Hangzhou Peace International Convention and Exhibition Center, and nearly a thousand merchants appeared in the exhibition, showing the advanced equipment, technology and solutions of the mechanical and electrical industry at home and abroad. The exposition focuses on the industrial development ideas of "intelligence, science and technology, green and innovation", expands the new space for the development of manufacturing industry, and promotes the strategic transformation of the manufacturing industry. At the same time, it sets up an exchange and communication platform for the mechanical and electrical enterprises, and explores the development mode and opportunity of the industry together.

The digital, network and intelligence of manufacturing industry is becoming the main trend of development. As the core grasp of the strategy of China's manufacturing power, all walks of life attach great importance to the development of intelligent manufacturing. China has successively promulgated "China made 2025", "actively promoting" the "Internet +" action guidance, "guidance on deepening the development of manufacturing industry and the integration of the Internet", pointing out that intelligent manufacturing is not only an important turning point in the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry in China, but also the success or failure of the strategy of making a powerful country.

As one of the core industries of the manufacturing system, the mechanical and electrical industry always occupies a pivotal position. With the rapid development of information technology and the arrival of the 4 era of industry, the upgrading and transformation of the mechanical and electrical industry has become the high point of a new round of industrial upgrading dominated by intelligent manufacturing. "Technology industry" has also become a new way of thinking for the development of many electromechanical enterprises.

Focusing on the development of the current mechanical and electrical industry, behind the "intelligent" transformation of the large enterprise layout, it is the failure of many small and medium mechatronic enterprises to face the "intellectualization". In order to solve this problem, to deepen the industry exchange and interaction, let the electromechanical enterprises share and explore the "intelligent" development experience, the Expo brings together several industry associations, nearly 1000 exhibitors, more than 1000 industry products and seven parallel sub exhibitions, showing new achievements in intelligent manufacturing and helping the mechanical and electrical industry to be intelligent. Development.

It is worth mentioning that the Seven Parallel Exhibits are set up in combination with the characteristics of the industry, showing the advanced equipment, technology and solutions of the electromechanical industry at home and abroad.  Among them, many exhibitions around the emerging fields of "intelligence" and "new energy" are the first "landing" electromechanical trade fair. The seven parallel exhibitions include 2017 Hangzhou international industrial automation and robot exhibitions, 2017 Hangzhou International Lighting exhibitions, 2017 Hangzhou International Electrical and electrical exhibitions, 2017 Hangzhou international new energy and new materials exhibition, 2017 Hangzhou international numerical control machine exhibition, 2017 Hangzhou International Hardware Exhibition, and the 2017 Hangzhou international Internet of things exhibition.

In addition, the Expo set up "China intelligent manufacturing mechatronic equipment summit", more industry enterprises and academia Grand Cafe to explore the industry "intelligent" development, to help mechanical and electrical enterprises, especially small and medium-sized mechanical and electrical enterprises to find "intelligent" transformation opportunities, to build and win the future of the industry.